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Jazz Funeral
   Ellis will be hanged in Effigy, laid in his Crypt, and carted by Friends and Mourners throughout the vestibule of Main and Spring streets of downtown Eureka Springs.
   The official Grids of Labyrinths and Chides of Mourning will be posted on the Courthouse Doors.

   A Royal Dixieland Jazz Band will lead the way in concert with the Marchers who jig, jag, and jazz to the Second Line with funereal umbrellas in tune to The Saints Go Marching In!

Second Line March

   All Honorable Members of the Mardi Gras Krewe of Krazo and the St. Paddy Krewe of Blarney Halfast Walkin' Klub will have their own “Glory Cup” that will be filled at each venue at no cost to the imbibers.

   These Festivities will begin Early and End only in the Wee hours — and the Weary will be Shunned!

Already arranged for is Joel Wren as "Piper Extraordinaire" and the only black, horse-drawn, glass-enclosed, Black Hearse ever built in Eureka Springs will (was to) lead an unbroken path except to reload at predetermined Pub & Tavern stops.  Grumpy's Convertible will replace the Hearse.

Stops along the way - - -

   Stay Tuned for MORE!!!

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